Discount Home Decor Outlets in Columbus, Ohio

Discount Home Decor Outlets in Columbus and the Northeast Ohio Area

Choosing home decorating items that reflect your personal style without stretching your budget IS possible for residents of Columbus, Ohio and the greater Northeast Ohio area. Dollar Discount Stores are among those businesses that enable you to decorate your home while keeping costs in mind without sacrificing quality and taste– if you make smart choices.

Visit these best kept secrets:

Infinity 99 Cent Store

Located at 3462 Cleveland Avenue, the Infinity 99 Cent Store has many home decorating finds at a reasonable price. When I visited the store recently, I found designer-like throw rugs and a box of 30 squares of floor tile for under $10 each. Go to the back of the store to find these true household bargains. In the center aisles you’ll find knickknacks such as vases, bathroom shower curtains and soap dishes reasonably priced from $1 – $10. You will be amazed at some of the quality of your finds, and no one will be able to figure out where you purchased the items. It’s worth taking a look.

Salvation Army Thrift Store

Shopping this second-hand store located at 3551 Cleveland Avenue is a great way to spend an afternoon while finding colorful and useful items to enhance your home. If you have an appointment shortly after you enter the store, fair warning – set your alarm! Be prepared for time to just fly by as you come across so many kinds of nice home decorating odds and ends. This store is huge! I remember purchasing NEW dishes there. That’s right. You can find new – never before used merchandise at this store. Look up front near the jewelry case and registers to find items such as plates, cups, candles and even candy. Prices are reasonable from $1 on up. From kitchen curtains to draperies for the dining room can be found there with prices ranging from $5 – $15 normally.


If you do not mind a mad-rush, try to shop on the last Wednesday of the month, which is the infamous “Half-Price Sale”. Selected items are discounted and the place is packed! The atmosphere on that day resembles a Christmas frenzy, so it is not for faint hearted shoppers.

Value City Department Stores

Last, but not least, visit Value City Department Stores located at 3251 Westerville Road. They have plenty of unique home decor items that range in prices to suit your budget. Once inside, venture to the southwest side of the store to find unusual and appealing items such as table vases and imported pieces to garnish your home and reflect your eclectic side.

All in all, finding home decorating bargains are easy to find if you look in “the-store-within-the-store”. Keep an open mind to find the items that reflect your personal style without stretching your budget.