Toys for Cats – Homemade Cat Toys

Playing with a cat is an essential part of keeping a cat healthy throughout its life, and while there are many fantastic cat toys in shops, homemade toys for cats are simple, inexpensive ways to keep a cat active. Indoor cats are especially prone to obesity, but both indoor and outdoor cats need playtime each day. Pet owners on a budget can easily make entertaining toys for cats that help them stay active, alert and healthy.

Cat Treats – Cat Nip Toys

Cats and cat nip make a perfect pair; cat nip makes a perfect cat treat, and it’s easy to grow at home. A simple cat nip plant can provide many leaves throughout its growing season. Additionally, cat nip is a natural pest repellent, which makes it ideal for gardeners. Plucking a single leaf is an easy way to entertain a cat for a few minutes, but there are ways to incorporate cat nip into favorite toys.

Pluck a large handful of cat nip leaves from several plants, or save the leaves over a period of weeks to allow the plant to continue growing. Dry the cat nip in a location where the cat can’t get to it. Choose an old clean sock, especially one made of thin cotton. Fill the sock about two-thirds full with the dried cat nip and sew the sock shut.

A cat nip mouse made from a sock will smell great to any cat, and the size is perfect for cats to bat around and toss in the air. Although cat nip will eventually lose its smell, the size of the homemade cat toy will keep it entertaining.


Toys for Cats – Aluminum Foil Cat Toy

A great cat toy is a simple ball of aluminum foil. The shiny aluminum is attractive to cats, and the uneven shape of an aluminum foil ball makes the toy unpredictable and fun for cats to chase. Crunch up a section of aluminum foil that is large enough that the cat won’t be tempted to mistake it for food, and small enough that it is light and easy to bat around.

An aluminum foil ball is a great kitty toy for both older and younger pets. Toss the ball around on wood or tile flooring to make a great skittering noise that is sure to attract any cat and get it active. Spend some time each day playing with the cat to help it stay healthy.

Homemade Cat Toy – String Toys for Cats

String is a classic cat toy, and it’s easy to make a toy using a piece of string. Tie a button or a coin to the end of a string to give the cat something to grab while it chases it, and simply walk through the house pulling the string along the floor. No cat can resist chasing a piece of string.

The button or coin on the end will make noise that gets the cat’s attention, and give the cat a more visible target to chase. This is a toy that can give both pets and owners many hours of entertainment.

Toys for cats are easily made at home, and cat nip cat toys and other simple toys can help keep a beloved pet healthy and playful for many years. Additionally, making homemade cat toys is an easy way to save money on caring for a pet.